Amiad Water Systems and charity:water

Completion of Project #3
Drilled Well in Uganda - December 2015

Amiad Water Systems and charity:water recently completed their 3rd project together - a drilled well in Uganda - bringing clean, safe drinking water to the 300 people in the community of Isakabisolo.

This well was constructed by a professional team of drillers that reached water deep underground. To instill a strong sense of ownership, the community was also part of the planning and building process. Before this well was constructed, this community spent hours collecting dirty and unsafe water. Now they have improved access to clean water, sanitation and a water committee trained in promoting best hygiene practices.

So far, the collaboration between Amiad Water Systems and charity:water has provided easy access to safe and clean water to over 1300 people through our joint projects in Ethiopia, India and Uganda. We are proud and honored to continue this tradition with our next project together - this time in India once again.

Sandra Shapira
Director of Corporate Communications
Amiad Water Systems