Dear friends,

In honor of the New Year and in the spirit of giving back to the community, we are continuing our tradition – for the 7th year in a row – of contributing to charity: water on your behalf and on the behalf of ALL Amiad Water Systems' employees, customers & partners.

We are happy to announce that the charity: water project we helped sponsor in India is complete.  Since beginning the project in 2017, our donation has funded three wells with hand pumps to give access to clean and safe drinking water to over 430 local people.

This year, we will help cover the costs of piped systems that bring water to school-based tap stands used for drinking water and hand washing stations, once again in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is the tenth most densely populated country in the world and faces challenges of both water access and water quality. In rural areas, many people lack access to basic sanitation and proper drainage systems, which contaminates their water sources.

This contribution, along with your support, will help bring the world yet one step closer to safe, clean water for all.

Thank you and happy holidays

Dori Ivzori, President & CEO

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