As a company specializing in water filtration technology and sustainable solutions, Amiad provides clean water to more than 80 countries globally and employs over 700 people worldwide. We are highly aware of the symbiotic relationship between water and jobs which was the theme of this year’s World Water Day and have supported the cause of the United Nation’s World Water Day for many years. This year’s theme gave us a fantastic opportunity to explain why the careful management of water is fundamental to sustaining global growth whilst providing employment for an ever-increasing population.

Education is vital if we are to pass on our understanding of the importance of access to clean water. We are proud to say that, once again, we expanded our activities this year – holding 31 educational events at 28 institutions across Israel, the USA, Australia, Mexico and, for the first time, the UK. Significantly, this year we held events for adults as well as schoolchildren reflecting the fact that education is a lifelong process which continues well beyond childhood. Over the course of a month, Amiad employees met with over 1,700 people, around 200 more than we did in 2015! This reflects our continuing commitment to supporting the vital work undertaken by World Water Day and reaffirms our position as a passionate advocate of the necessity of societal responsibility regarding water use.
We are delighted with the success of these events, which were enjoyed by all participants young and old. The kind words relayed to our hardworking employees are testimony to the engaging nature of our events and the success with which they conveyed the vital message regarding water and jobs.
The positive feedback we received is reflected in the quotes below:
  "The children were VERY enthusiastic with the questions throughout. Feedback from the class teacher was that the children enjoyed it."
Nick Cole, Service Engineer - Amiad UK
    "We held two great events, with lots of questions and interest. In total, 240 educated and happy kids."
Nir Pisk, Sales Executive Valves - Amiad Australia
  "Yesterday was a successful day with over 175 students involved! Cosmo did an excellent job of presenting and the kids were very attentive and had a good time."
Helen Matthews, Marketing Manager - Amiad USA
    "The WWD 2016 activity was a very positive teaching and learning experience. I understand from my daughter that it was the talk of the day! …I am proud to be an Amiad employee and a messenger for this important issue."
Meytal Lipcer, QC auditor, QA - Amiad Israel
      We are very proud of all those who participated in our World Water Day activities, and I would like to thank our employees for their tremendous efforts. This year we succeeded in increasing the scope of our celebrations and we are looking forward to continuing to raise awareness of this important cause next year.