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What is Corporate Water Efficiency and Why is it so Important?

The term “Corporate Water Efficiency” has been floating around for over a decade now, and still, it is not widely understood by many in the corporate world.   When we discuss “Water Efficiency”, it’s very straightforward – to efficiently use water. But what does it mean, and how is corporate water efficiency any different?  Defining Corporate Water Efficiency Water efficiency is reducing water wastage by measuring the amount … Continued

How to Size a Filtration Project

So, your organization decided they need a new water filtration system, and you oversee this project. Great, but how do you even begin to approach this task?   Does the quantity of water matter? What about the size of the pipes? What do you actually need to know to properly size a filtration project?   We … Continued

Winterizing Your Filtration System – A Quick How-To Guide

As winter approaches, many of us are preparing for this cold, cold season – getting the warm clothes out of storage, changing tires to winter tires, and enjoying the crisp air a moment before it starts being so cold it hurts your lungs.  And just like our clothes, our homes, and our cars, we need to prepare our irrigation … Continued

From Necessity to Innovation – The Amiad Water System Story

From small farms and municipal installations to protecting the reverse osmosis membranes in desalination plants safe and data centers cool, you can find Amiad Water Systems filters almost anywhere in the world. As the world’s top filtration experts, it’s hard to imagine that Amiad Water Systems started its life as a tiny shed in a small agricultural community in northern Israel. So … Continued