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AGF PRO Series for Irrigation
Lightweight and Easy to Install
AGF PRO. Lightweight and Easy to Install

The AGF Pro is an advanced all polymeric media filter for irrigation that provides excellent filtration efficiency by trapping the suspended particles through a bed of media in a pressurized tank. The AGF Pro is constructed with special synthetic materials and is corrosion-proof with excellent chemical resistance. The specially designed elliptical tank enables maximum filtration and exceptional cleanability.

The AGF Pro is light weight and easy to install with no crane required. It offers a superior underdrain system with 55 diffuser nozzles, designed and positioned for optimal flushing efficiency. It has two user-friendly elliptical access ports for easy inspection and media loading / unloading and is equipped with detachable support legs to facilitate compact storage and economical shipping.

Online Products Catalogue
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Product Benefits
No crane required for installation
Superior underdrain system
55 diffuser nozzles
Various bed types
Sand, gravel, activated carbon, anthracite, basalt, etc.
Easy inspection and loading
Two large elliptical access ports
Excellent corrosion and chemical resistance
Sturdy construction
Made with special synthetic materials
Technical Materials & Support
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