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Amiad Semi-Automatic for Industry
Easily Upgrade Your Manual Filter
Amiad Semi-Automatic. Easily Upgrade Your Manual Filter

The unique semi-automatic Scanaway and Brushaway for industrial water filtration offer easy, convenient turn-of-a-handle cleaning for manual filters. Both the Scanaway and Brushaway are available as a retrofit assembly for Amiad plastic and steel manual filters and come with a clogging indicator that visually indicates when the filter needs to be cleaned.

They are reliable and durable and designed for long-term, simple operation. Available in various sizes, plastic or steel.

Online Products Catalogue
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Product Benefits
Simple operation
Turn-of-a-handle screen cleaning
Low maintenance
No need to turn off the water or extract the screen for rinsing
Continuous flow during flush
No interruption of downstream flow during self-cleaning
Reliable and durable
Designed for long-term and simple operation
Available as an upgrade kit
For Amiad manual filters from 2” - 8”
Clogging indicator
Visually monitor when cleaning is required
Technical Materials & Support
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