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2″ Spin Klin™ for Irrigation
Long-Term Operation with Minimal Maintenance
2" Spin Klin™.
Long-Term Operation with Minimal Maintenance

The 2″ Spin Klin™ is a modular, all polymeric automatic disc filtration system mainly used to protect irrigation emitters. The filters are based on our innovative disc technology that captures and retains a large amount of solids. Its unique and efficient hydraulic self-cleaning backwash mechanism requires low water consumption and saves energy demands.

2″ Spin Klin™ delivers micron-precise depth filtration and long-term operation with minimal maintenance . It is simple to operate, has a short automatic backwash and permanently eliminates the need to replace filter media.

So, How Does It Work?

Everything you need to know about the Spin Klin™ advantages and operation.

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Product Benefits
Micron-precise depth filtration of solids
High dirt load capacity, ideal for removing organic matter
Reliable and durable
Designed for long-term and simple operation
Corrosion/chemical resistant
Minimal maintenance
Saves time and labor costs
Low water and energy consumption
Saves resources and costs
Compact design
Ideal for limited installation space
Technical Materials & Support
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