Customized Water Filtration Solutions for
Industrial Needs

The growing demands for lower energy consumption and reduced water wastage require suppliers to provide available technologies with suitable cost-efficient solutions.

Customized Water Filtration Solutions for
Municipal Needs

Cities and urban areas require reliable systems to uninterruptedly supply clean water to the population, industry, and energy at the accepted standards of water quality at each location.

Customized Water Filtration Solutions for
Oil & Gas Needs

Based on decades of experience in the Oil & Gas industry, Amiad addresses diverse applications throughout the industry's production chain - from design to delivery.

Customized Water Filtration Solutions for
Ballast Water Needs

Amiad Water Systems has vast experience in filtering seawater based on a portfolio of hundreds of installations, including filtration systems on FPSOs, offshore platforms and in desalination plants.

Customized Water Filtration Solutions for
Irrigation Needs

Amiad is dedicated to provide innovative filtration solutions to solve the water challenges posed across numerous applications in irrigation.

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