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What you Should Avoid and Look for When Shopping for Water Filtration

When considering a new irrigation filtration system, there are several factors you should look at, mainly a combination of a large, effective filtration area with high cleanability, as well as other key features and overall performance. How many times have you heard about someone buying a knockoff phone charger, only for it to stop working … Continued

Why Amiad’s ADI-P Should Be Your Next Filtration Controller

Keeping your irrigation system running smoothly depends on a supply of clean water and every irrigation expert will tell you that much. With automatic filtration, the constant need to monitor your system’s differential pressure (DP) to check for clogging, then having to manually clean the filters, was eliminated, saving you time and money.  But what happens if you have a multi-filter system, or even several systems? What … Continued

Amiad – Masters Of Filtration

Farming is our heritage. Filtration is our legacy. At Amiad, our roots are in the land. As farmers, we learned at firsthand what our crops need to thrive. That’s why we built our own filtration systems, designed to prevent damage to irrigation systems and deliver high quality water. No Two Drops Are the SameWe understand that … Continued

How Mini Sigma Boosts Crop Yield In Pecan Groves

Imagine working nights, weekends and holidays in peak season, because your current irrigation system isn’t working properly and constantly has to be halted to manually flush the filters. Not only is it a waste of valuable time, it also has an effect on the crop yield. This was the situation in Israel’s Hula valley, home … Continued

Water Filtration for Landscape Irrigation

  As we approach the irrigation season, we see more and more homeowners, commercial properties, and municipal parks who are using natural water sources for irrigation. Homeowners with access to a lake, pond, or even a well will prefer to use the free water over paying to use city water for irrigation. When using surface … Continued

The ADI-P App – Our Latest Innovation in the Field of Automatic Irrigation Controllers

Monitor all your sites’ automatic irrigation filters from your smartphone, for free Amiad is continuing to revolutionize automated irrigation controllers with the ADI-P App — a free app that lets you access ADI-P Controllers for your irrigation filters on all your sites, in real time, directly from yoursmartphone. << Learn about how to save resources with the Mini Sigma self-cleaning … Continued

Step By Step Water Filtration

What is Water Filtration?  Filtration (particle filtration) separates and removes solids from water.  Why is Water Filtration Required? Whether water is required for drinking, industrial processes or irrigation, it usually requires some degree of filtration. The type of filter selected depends on the water source (surface or sub-surface water) which have different characteristics and quality. … Continued

Removing Organic And Inorganic Matter From Surface Water

Protect your irrigation system with automatic self-cleaning filters Crop yield can be greatly affected by water quality. In fact, success often depends on it. Effective surface water filtration is your first line of defence in protecting your irrigation equipment and providing the best possible water quality.  What is surface water? Surface water is any water … Continued

Amiad’s Self-Cleaning Filter Saves Time, Money and Manpower

Ginosar is a small kibbutz situated on the Western coast of the Sea of Galilee in Israel. It was founded in 1937 and has a population of a little less than 600 people. The kibbutz relies on its agriculture, boasting 430 hectares of land dedicated to the cultivation of dairy, citrus, sub-tropical fruits, and bananas. … Continued

How Using Self-Cleaning Filters Can Change The Way You Grow

Getting the most yield out of your land while also minimizing costs can be tricky. High-quality potable water sources are becoming rarer and this is making the use of sources such as reclaimed water and non-potable fresh water more prevalent. As these water sources often contain more clogging factors, advanced irrigation and filtration systems are … Continued