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5 Reasons Why Cheaper Isn’t Better

Roy Israeli
Director of Marketing // 06 Jul. 2020
Roy has over 12 years of marketing experience, and leads the global marketing initiatives at Amiad.
screen filter installation

Filtration systems are the first line of defense in the irrigation chain. If your filtration system fails, the impact on your crops can have a major effect on your bottom line.

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When selecting a filter for your irrigation system, a number of factors come into play, such as filtration degree, water source, flow rate and footprint. You can read more about how to choose the right filter here. Other major considerations are price and performance. How much will the filter cost? Will it perform to the filtration degree needed by the irrigation system manufacturer? Will it protect the system from damage? How often will it require maintenance?

It’s important to note that you can’t judge a filter by its cover. Some filters look very similar, even identical, to an Amiad original. This can make it difficult to distinguish which is the best filter for your requirements. But beware of letting price alone be the deciding factor.

Why choose an Amiad Original? Here are the top five reasons why buying a cheaper filter doesn’t pay off in the long run.

1. Performance

 Just about every new filtration system will start out performing effectively. But can you rely on their long-term performance? To ensure reliable operation all year round, systems must be designed for efficient cleaning, manufactured using high quality materials, tested to exacting standards, and utilize superior technologies.
Here’s a side-by-side comparison of an Amiad Original disc filtration system with a competitive system.

Red: Amiad disc system  Blue: Competitive disc system

In multiple tests with various filtration degrees and various water qualities we have found that competitor disc filters require between 2 to 20 times (!) more backwash cycles compared to Amiad’s Arkal disc filters.

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Monitoring Your System’s Performance

When it comes to technologically advanced systems, such as automatic irrigation filters, look for a system that puts full control in your hands. For example, Amiad’s ADI-P App allows you to monitor all your sites from your smartphone, for free. It interfaces with the ADI-P Controller, which operates the automated processes that flush our FiltomatSigma Pro and Mini Sigma automatic self-cleaning screen filters.

The superior monitoring capabilities help ensure stable and consistent performance and operation of each site’s filters. Available data includes flush logs, frequency and quality (measuring DP before and after flush cycle), current DP, current outlet / inlet pressure, malfunctions and battery status. With ADI-P, you have the full picture of filter performance at your fingertips.

2. Quality

 It’s easy to talk about meeting the highest industry standards, but on closer examination, it’s often not backed up with verifiable industry certification. At Amiad, it’s part of our DNA. As such, we hold a wide variety of certifications which ensure that every product meets our stringent internal standards. These certifications commit every single Amiad employee to meeting quality, environmental, and safety management standards, materials standards, and water quality standards. Our filters are subjected to extensive testing to ensure that the promised performance is matched by field performance. If the filter is designed to perform at 10 bar, we’ve tested it at 30 bar. All of our automatic and semi-automatic filters are marked for traceability. Our commitment to quality ensures that every filter that comes off our production line will perform reliably for years to come.

3. Field Experience

 Being the first to introduce an automatic filter means that we have decades of practical real-world experience in installing and maintaining filtration systems. Once you’ve chosen a filtration system, you want to know that the team installing and providing support for the system have extensive know how and experience. And when it’s time for an upgrade, it’s advisable to select a filter system from a company who understands how to match the right technology and system to your requirements.
Customizing new systems to integrate smoothly with existing pipelines can be extremely challenging. In the 57 years we’ve been in business, we’ve installed filtration systems in diverse climatic and geographical locations, integrated advanced technologies into existing infrastructure, and customized installations to meet the most challenging conditions. Our solutions process millions of cubic meters of water every month. In fact, we’ve carried out tens of thousands of installations on every continent in more than 80 countries.

4. Service

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At Amiad, our roots are in the land. Our very first filter was developed in response to a local farmer’s ongoing irrigation challenges. So, we understand that your filtration systems need to perform every day, all year round. And in the event that a system isn’t functioning optimally, you need expert support as soon as possible. No matter where you’re located in the world, you’ll get fast answers as well as the onsite support you need. Being a global company with 9 subsidiaries, a vast network of international distributors and a strong and experienced team enables us to provide unparalleled customer support.

5. Peace of Mind

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The last thing you want to worry about is whether your filter has been manufactured to the defined specifications and is performing as expected. Our filtration systems are designed, tested and manufactured to deliver the required water quality and the consistent performance you need. As a satisfied customer, Jeff England from J&J Nursery and Garden Centre notes, “We just wanted something that was bulletproof, that would work 100% of the time.”