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Filtration for Wastewater Treatment Applications

Filtration for Wastewater Treatment Applications

Eatay Pomeranz
Technology Manager // 09 May. 2021
Eatay has over thirty years of experience in filtration and water treatment in the agriculture and industrial sectors

What is Wastewater?

Wastewater is water from any combination of domestic, industrial, commercial or agricultural activities and it can be treated in various ways, depending on source and use. Filtration is part of the process and can involve a combination of physical, chemical, and biological treatment.

The Importance of Filtration

As the demand for clean water increases across the globe, the availability of safe water in many regions is likely to decrease due to climate change and the growing population in developed countries. This makes filtration and reuse even more critical.

Additionally, international regulations are becoming more and more stringent, with each country (and sometimes even each state/region) enforcing strict policies on the quality of wastewater effluent, regardless of the water’s intended end-use.

By treating wastewater, the resulting water can then be reused for industry, irrigation purposes and even for drinking water. The NEWater project in Singapore, for example, produces high-quality reclaimed water for potable and non-potable use. Other immediate advantages include a reduction in waste and energy production.

The Benefits of Filtration

Here is a brief outline of the various applications that implement wastewater filtration in their processes, along with the benefits of each.

The Treatment Process

The following is a general overview of the process at a typical wastewater treatment facility, showing the various stages from beginning to end.

We go into more detail on our wastewater application page on our website. If you are exploring adding a filtration system for your organization’s wastewater treatment process, our experts would be happy to help you choose the best solution for your needs. Contact us HERE for more info.