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Solving Filtration Challenges in Explosion-Proof Areas

Joy Drori
Content Marketing // 06 Sep. 2020
Joy has years of marketing communications and content creation experience.

When a client needs a filtration system for hazardous zones, we know exactly how to make that happen! 

We recently got another request for a skid mounted filtration system for water injection treatment on an oil production platform.  

As typically required in the O&G industry, all electrical components, including the control panel must be ATEX approved and designed according to dedicated specifications. These systems are to be installed in hazardous environments that have a high risk of explosion and therefore require extra care and following strict regulations.  

The design and construction of such equipment is far from straight-forward. In fact, extreme care needs to be taken when selecting both instrumentations and materials, including the control panel’s enclosure and cable glands. 

control panel

The panel enclosure is EExd flameproof to prevent any type of electric or thermal discharge from reaching the exterior environment. The system will be installed in an environment rich in volatile chemicals, where any spark can cause an explosive chain reaction. 

screen filter installation

The SAF-6000 PRO filters are used as pre-filtration upstream of 10-micron cartridge filters to keep the water injection clean to prevent clogging of the oil reservoir formation.

screen filter installation

Knowing that your system is safe and that your operations can continue without the risk of an impromptu explosion is the peace-of-mind we strive to provide for our customers. 

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