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Save Resources With The Mini Sigma Filter For Irrigation

Dotan Paz
Senior Sales Manager, LATAM // 09 Aug. 2018
Dotan is a practical engineer with more than 25 years of experience in irrigation systems design and technical field experience.
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As a grower or landscaping professional, you know there are two keys to a profitable harvest or successful landscape:

  1. Achieving the highest yield possible from your land.
  2. Using all of your resources in the most efficient manner possible.

At Amiad, we have a deep understanding of these needs. For this reason, we are always seeking to develop new and more efficient irrigation technology that will help you maximize both your yield and your resource efficiency.

<<Read the blog and watch the video to learn more about how automatic self cleaning filters work>>

Mini Sigma self-cleaning filter for irrigation – a step ahead

The Mini Sigma self-cleaning filter for irrigation is Amiad’s latest addition to the popular Sigma series of irrigation filters. It offers the same innovative automatic self-cleaning technology and reliable performance as the full size Sigma filters in a compact, lightweight, cost effective unit suitable for smaller irrigation lines used in agriculture and landscape.

With the Mini Sigma, growers and landscaping professionals can benefit from:

  • Fast, easy, versatile installation

Say goodbye to installation headaches. The Mini Sigma features an advanced design for extraordinary installation flexibility. Designed to fit any system, it works equally well horizontally or vertically for both on-line and angle configurations. The drain pipe may be rotated 360˚ for fast and easy installation at any angle. In addition, the unit’s modular, versatile inlet and outlet options enable virtually unlimited installation configuration possibilities.

  • Comprehensive mobile monitoring

No more worries about undiscovered clogged filters and the reduced yield and inefficiencies they can cause. The Mini Sigma’s control system delivers peace of mind. Utilizing our advanced ADI-P controller for unparalleled monitoring and control capability, this unit interacts with Amiad’s easy-to-use mobile app to offer you comprehensive reports and performance history data at a glance.

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  • Simple to operate

The Mini Sigma’s self-cleaning cycle may be automatically set to trigger either at specific time intervals or in response to differential pressure. Self-cleaning may also be triggered manually via the mobile app or electronic controller keyboard, giving you total control over the process at all times.

  • Effective low pressure operation

With a low minimum operating pressure of 1.5 bar (22 psi) during the flush cycle, the Mini Sigma filter for irrigation operates flawlessly even at low pressures. This reduces or eliminates vacuum formation and other problems caused by low water pressure in irrigation lines. The filter can be safely operated at pressures up to 8 bar (116 psi.)

  • Requires minimal maintenance

The Mini Sigma’s durable, corrosion-free polymeric filter features a unique suction-scanner self-cleaning mechanism, which greatly reduces the need for regular service.

  • Durable and reliable compact design

Don’t let this unit’s smaller size and lightweight, compact construction fool you. The Mini Sigma offers tough-as-nails durability for exceptionally long-lasting and reliable performance in the field.  

  • Cost effective

Amiad’s self-cleaning filters for irrigation improve irrigation system efficiency and reduce downtime. The Mini Sigma is economical to purchase and highly water and energy efficient, designed for long-term reliability and low operating costs.

The Mini Sigma filter for irrigation is available in three sizes, 2”, 3”, or 4”, making it ideal for many landscape and agricultural irrigation applications.

Reimagine water filtration

The Amiad Mini Sigma can help simplify your growing operation and save you resources every day. With its fast and easy installation, advanced monitoring and automation capabilities, full remote control through your phone, economical price, efficient operation, and easy maintenance requirements, the Mini Sigma offers an innovative water filtration solution for agriculture and landscape applications. This self-cleaning filter for irrigation helps growers and landscape professionals alike achieve the highest possible results while saving resources both in the field, and in the wallet.

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