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It Takes a Really Good Filter to Get Rid of the Weeds

Mark Jolles
Former Director of Irrigation Sales // 15 Jan. 2018
Mark was with Amiad for 6 years.
weeds on the water

Native Texas Nursery is a 40-acre nursery that provides native plants to Texas garden centers, landscapers, architects, municipalities, and other organizations.

The nursery’s irrigation water is sourced from its pond, which is filled by wells. Over the years, the nursery faced a major challenge when weed seeds naturally infiltrated this water source. The seeds were transferred to the pots by the irrigation system, and they grew together with the desired native plants.

In spring 2016, things had gotten so bad that Native Texas Nursery had 6 full time employees pulling weeds from their plant pots to preserve the quality of their native crop.

No more seeds, no more clogging

As part of its efforts to find a solution for the weed issue, Native Texas Nursery approached Amiad at a local trade show. Previously, the nursery had irrigated its plants using drip, micro spray, impact, and shrub heads with two main irrigation lines, and was now looking for an automatically controlled system that would also allow for changes in seasonal water quality. Amiad suggested its self-cleaning Filtomat M106XLP and Filtomat M104XLP filtration systems to help remove the seeds and pond debris.

Pulling weeds is now history

According to Emily Brown, the nursery’s General Manager, since the installation of Amiad’s Filtomat filters, the seed issue went from plague status to non-existent.

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