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Why Amiad’s ADI-P Should Be Your Next Filtration Controller

Yonatan Pe’er, B.A.
Content Marketing // 21 May. 2020
Yonatan is an experienced writer and responsible for Content Marketing at Amiad.

Keeping your irrigation system running smoothly depends on a supply of clean water and every irrigation expert will tell you that much. With automatic filtration, the constant need to monitor your system’s differential pressure (DP) to check for clogging, then having to manually clean the filters, was eliminated, saving you time and money. 

But what happens if you have a multi-filter system, or even several systems? What if some filters are not easily accessible? 

Amiad’s innovative, patent-protected ADI-P filtration controller solves such issues. It is a smart and simple solution that allows you to monitor and operate the system from your smartphone thanks to its built-in Bluetooth® connectivity. Its internal memory can save important operating information, such as inlet pressure and differential pressure over time, historical data including alarm events, flush records, in the device, and more. Then, by connecting to the ADI-P app, the data will be uploaded to your phone, and you can later review and share the data, at your convenience, as you please. 

adi-p controller app

Making a Controller Truly Smart 

The ADI-P filtration controller offers better monitoring by using 3 pressure sensors, a water temperature sensor, IP65 rating (water and dust protection), energy efficiency, and a simple-yet-comprehensive phone app.  

Our controller uses 3 highly accurate sensors; 2 measure upstream and downstream pressures, and the third, unique sensor measures flushing pressure, stopping the process once the filter is clean, regardless of set flush time. This means your system saves water, energy and unnecessary wear-and-tear, but most importantly – money. 

This sensor-combo measures the actual line pressure inlet and outlet and calculates the exact differential pressure (DP), enabling you to configure the precise DP threshold for your system, as well as the time-intervals for flushes. You can optimize the flushing process sequence, and ensure optimal usage of water and energy during the cleaning cycles. In comparison, other controllers only have 1 sensor (that only measures DP), meaning less information, and that can lead to untimely maintenance and waste. The ADI-P’s third sensor tracks the start and finish of the cleaning cycle. This allows for optimization of your overall system’s performance, reduces water waste.  

The system can be configured to warn you when it experiences high DP and faults, low downstream pressure, and high upstream pressure. The system collects all this data, which you can later review, export and share for further analysis. This is one of the ADI-P’s unique features, not available with any other controllers in the market. Information logging such as high/low pressure and DP, together with flushing logging, gives you a clear picture of your system’s operation and your irrigation system’s current pressure, so you can tell if anything requires your attention. 

Our pressure sensors come with built-in temperature sensing, enabling the system to log the water temperature and activate flushing as soon as the water temperature goes below a certain threshold to prevent the controller and filter from freezing over. This is done because allowing your filtration system to freeze can lead to blockages, leaks, and burst pipes, resulting in expensive repairs and wasted water. Moreover, the temperature readings are also saved in the ADI-P’s logs, for your review. This feature is beyond any standard flushing controller operation and is unique in the market. 


If you operate in a very dusty or humid environment, you’ll love the ADI-P’s robustness. With an IP65 rating the system is essentially dustproof and waterproof. No need to worry about excessive humidity leading to corrosion and shorts, or blockages caused by sand and dust. 

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of the system, is the ADI-P mobile app (available for download on Android and iOS). The app was developed with ease-of-use in mind, allowing you to set up the system with minimal effort, as well as collect and save data for later review. No other solution gives you as much information while being so user-friendly and intuitive, with quick access to technical support directly from the app. 

Side-By-Side Comparison 

When compared to the most used controller in the market, the ADI-P’s superior features clearly stand out: 

Choosing the ADI-P 

If you’re considering adding a smart controller to your water system, the ADI-P is the ideal choice. It comes pre-configured straight from the factory, so even if you don’t have the app yet, you can still use it manually right away. It’s a tough little controller, that can withstand harsh weather conditions and keep working non-stop for up to a year on one set of batteries. The ADI-P app was built with the user in mind, designed to be easy, fast, and to store as much data as possible from the controller, letting you make better decisions. It helps you to optimize maintenance cycles, reduce water consumption and more. 

Want to make your life easier? Contact us to learn more about the ADI-P controller. 

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